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AJ-Senior-CenterSenior centers are a vital, welcoming part of our Arizona community; they are places where senior citizens can get together to socialize, to exercise, to get support and/or information on senior resources, health information and screening, or benefit from the many other services provided for older people, such as senior transportation services.

If you or a loved one could benefit from the resources and activities available at many of Arizona’s 150+ senior centers, please search our directory to find a local facility.

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Miles of


Sort By: Center NameCity
Center Phone Number: (480)474-5260
City: Apache Junction
Center Phone Number: (520) 723-4803
City: Coolidge
Center Phone Number: (520)868-7622
City: Florence
Center Phone Number: (520)421-8760
City: Casa Grande
Center Phone Number: (520)466-3166
City: Toltec
Center Phone Number: (520)363-5547
City: Kearny
Center Phone Number: (520)896-9326
City: Oracle
Center Phone Number: (520)385-9558
City: San Manuel
Center Phone Number: (520)689-5182
City: Superior