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      Patty Contreras

      Hello Members,
      I received the email below from a Research company. I was wondering what other senior centers throughout the state do.
      1) Do you allow research companies in your center?
      2) Do you check out the companies before you let them in?
      3) If they offer some sort of stipend, do you allow them to come in and get information from your members?
      4) Do you allow companies to get Personal Identifying Information (PII) from your members?
      5) If it’s a governmental agency or college that wants to do research, do you make a formal agreement with them (Letter of Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), etc.)?

      Synexus is a global research company. We are reaching out to community organizations and colleagues to educate them about study opportunities in the area and trying to cultivate ongoing, networking relationships. Currently, we are offering diabetes, osteoarthritis of the hip/knee, high cholesterol and osteoporosis studies in the Phoenix area, as well as some similar in the Tuscon area. We are interested in possibly becoming members of the ASCA and attending the teleconference networking meetings, as we are in search of all types of promotional opportunities accessible, such as: email to your database, printed newsletters, link on your web site (we discussed $250 annual fee), your social media pages, upcoming events, or lobby areas for flyer displays, or any other unique ways of getting the word out about our studies. Please connect me with the appropriate contact in order to discuss further how we may work together to support each other.

      Kindest Regards,
      Laura Meehan | Outreach Director
      Synexus USA | 9 Medical Parkway, Plaza 4, Suite 202 | Dallas, TX 75234 | USA
      Formerly Research Across America
      P: +1 469 341 6122

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      We have allowed research in the past. But we do research the company and review what questions they will ask.

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