About ASCA


ASCA ConferenceThe Arizona Senior Center Association (ASCA) is an organization of committed, passionate people who work in the field of senior services in Arizona. Our members include professionals who work closely with seniors, such as senior center staff, senior center volunteers, or those who administrate and/or manage senior centers across our state.

ASCA is here to help our members

Since ASCA was founded in 1990, our members have benefited from numerous conferences, events, and workshops that have helped them improve their professional skills, meet industry peers, and raise the bar when it comes to the services they can offer seniors in Arizona.

Our member conferences and workshops cover the important topics that face senior service professionals every day they go to work; subjects like managing volunteers, food service safety, health and nutrition, special events, elder abuse, and falls prevention, to name just a few.

ASCA provides training, support and assistance

At ASCA, we work diligently to:

  • Train
    Develop training opportunities for senior center staff
  • Support
    Provide mutual support and networking opportunities
  • Resource
    Increase resource development, both in ASCA participation and financial stability
  • Assist
    Provide technical assistance to senior center staff
  • Advocate
    Advocate for those we serve

Contact ASCA today

Contact us today if you have any questions about ASCA membership or the services we offer.


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